300 cartons of Avonmore cream to be sold every minute

15 December 2022
General News

A quarter of all top quality Avonmore Cream produced by Tirlán’s dedicated year-round family farm milk suppliers each year will be bought and consumed over the coming days.

This makes it the busiest time of year for the cooperative’s winter milk suppliers and its production, logistics, planning and sales teams.

A staggering 300 units of Avonmore cream will be sold every minute as the pre-Christmas shopping spree begins a week out from the big day.

In addition to the traditional Fresh Cream, Fresh Whipped and Light ranges, the festive selection has been extended yet again to include indulgent Caramel Whipped Cream, Brandy Whipped Cream and Baileys Whipped Cream varieties to tempt consumers on the big pre-Christmas shop.

Miriam Walker, Director of Consumer Domestic, said: “We are extremely grateful to our dedicated family farm milk suppliers who produce top quality milk throughout the festive season and to the cross-functional Tirlán teams who ensure stocks are on the shelves and don’t run out.”

Marketing Manager, Cara Millaney, said it takes huge teamwork to manage supplies at peak demand. “We have brought out limited edition flavours every year for the past few years and they’ve been extremely successful. Whipped Cream has grown in popularity in recent years as it is pre-whipped and convenient for families. It takes carefully co-ordinated teamwork and we will again be asking lots of fellow employees across other departments to come on board in the final days to help with merchandising in our top 100 stores.”

Earlier this year, Avonmore switched to Tetra Top® cartons for its Fresh Cream range, a move which will save up to 40 tonnes of plastic every year.  Avonmore Fresh Cream, Double Cream and Light Cream are now available in Tetra Top® packaging, which contains 62% less plastic than the previous bottles and uses paperboard from responsibly managed forests and other controlled sources where new forest growth replaces harvested trees.