Sustainability Stories

Explore some of our recent sustainability stories 

Celebrating Pride at Tirlán

Throughout the month of June, Tirlán is celebrating Pride month and our 2,300 employees are coming together in solidarity, friendship and understanding to celebrate and raise awareness about the LGBTQ+ community.

Farm Sustainability Champion, Shane Fitzgerald

Dairy farmer Shane Fitzgerald from Portlaw in County Waterford is Living Proof of the commitment of Glanbia Ireland’s milk suppliers to the sustainability of their family farms and local communities.

Sustainable Farm Insights programme

Glanbia Ireland has launched a new knowledge transfer programme in partnership with the media outlet, the Irish Farmers Journal, called Sustainable Farm Insights.

Boosting biodiversity on farms

Habitats such as hedges, watercourses and field margins are features that define the Irish agricultural landscape and boost the biodiversity and sustainability of our farms.

Our Open Source™ code

Our Open Source™ Programme is Glanbia Ireland’s sustainability and quality assurance programme that seeks to protect, enhance and promote the integrity of our products from primary producer to end-user.

Biodiversity and Nutrient Management Planning

We understand the importance of promoting soil health and biodiversity on farms. These yield strong benefits in terms of the ecosystems on farm and optimising animal and plant performance.

Animal Welfare

The commitment of Irish farmers to the animals in their care and our outdoor grass-based milk production system ensures that the health and welfare of animals in Irish dairy herds sets a leading standard internationally.

Our grass-fed cows

When it comes to our herds, our cows spend most of the year outside grazing on acres of rich and plentiful grass. Due to our temperate climate with abundant rainfall, in winter they move inside and enjoy a diet of grass ensiled from the fields during summer.

Leaning green – powering our plants

Our teams are continuously assessing the latest technologies and processes to ensure our facilities become ever more efficient and achieve our vision for sustainability.

Protecting water quality

We are proud to be associated with the creation of a new programme to provide one-to-one on-farm assessments to focus on water quality.

Our Open Source™ Future Farm Programme

Our Open Source Future Farm programme, run with state advisory body Teagasc, seeks to harness advancements in technology and farm practices to support farmers to make changes for a more profitable and sustainable future.