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Our Farmers

Tirlán Farmers 

At Tirlán our dairy and tillage farmers continue the proud tradition of family farming delivering the best quality ingredients for consumers to enjoy. Our farmers are continuously innovating, adopting new practices, research and processes to ensure they deliver the highest quality using the best methods.  


Family farms

We have a long heritage of family farming and expertise built up over more than 100 years. The majority of our farmers are shareholder members of Tirlán Co-operative whose history of bringing family farms together to work for the greater good of all dates back to the early 1900s when farmers created the Irish Co-operative movement. These pioneering and visionary farmers transformed farming and the future. 

The collective strength of these family units and their continued commitment to improving their holdings and their means of production have found expression in extraordinarily successful businesses such as Tirlán that take local quality and excellence and bring them to the global market. 

Similarly, our farmers now are continuing to look to the future embracing the latest technology and sustainable farming practices to continue to evolve for the next generation. 

Bryan Daniels - Farmer, Tirlán

We try to be sustainable in all aspects from environment to labour on farm. We have a strong focus on biodiversity and work to encourage a healthy balance with nature.

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