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From humble beginnings rooted in the history of the cooperative movement, Tirlán has become a global name in food and nutrition.

Our reputation for producing the highest quality products is intrinsically linked to our 6,000 plus family farms and generations of farmers who nurture nature and care for the land.

We work with nature in a unique system and sustainability is at the core of all our decisions. Our grass-based farming system where our cows graze outdoors for most of the year gives us a natural advantage. 

We partner with our farmer suppliers and have developed a trusted structure that offers unrivalled traceability with full, world-class food supply chain control. 

We are proud to introduce Living Proof, Tirlán’s commitment to farming, food and the future. It is our sustainability promise for a better way and a better world for generations to come.

Sustainabilty Targets

Our Promise

To deliver on our sustainability ambition, our targeted actions are categorised under five clearly-defined work streams with unambiguous pathways, timelines and methodologies outlined.

Our Journey

Tirlán and its family farm suppliers are committed to a sustainable, viable future for all of our communities. We have already made significant changes and improvements and Living Proof charts our journey together to 2050.

Sustainable News & Insights