Avonmore Porridge

Avonmore ready-to-eat porridge - swift, healthy and nutritious

23 June 2020
Consumer News

Avonmore have created a fresh gluten-free porridge that is 100% natural. It combines the very best gluten-free Irish oats with the goodness of Avonmore fresh Irish milk.

Ready to eat

Fast food and nutrition are not always found in the same sentence but Avonmore, Ireland’s number one milk brand has succeeded in including the concept in the one product. Their recent creation Avonmore ready-to-eat porridge is a swift, healthy and nutritious breakfast of fresh, Irish gluten-free porridge that is 100% natural.

The new addition to the Avonmore range combines the very best gluten-free Irish oats with the goodness of Ireland’s favourite fresh milk in a convenient microwaveable pot. Low in fat it has no added sugars.

According to Barry Foley, Research and Development Chef for Glanbia Ireland’s Consumer Fresh Foods, the new fresh Avonmore porridge is ideal for those busy consumers, “Three minutes in the microwave and you have a healthy, natural and nourishing breakfast made in Ireland with the best Irish milk and oats from Irish farmers,” he said.

Gluten-free Irish oats

Glanbia Ireland is the largest buyer of native Irish grains and has doubled the acreage sown to gluten-free crops, in response to a marked rise in consumer demand for these products

Sowing Irish grains has become extremely popular with farmers in the Glanbia catchment area, who are showing strong interest in the opportunities arising out of the premium contracts for these grains. Many are requesting to have their farms assessed to ascertain if they are suitable for growing the crops.

Premium contracts

A number of new premium contracts have been offered to Irish farmers to grow these grains, according to John Kealy, Head of Grains at Glanbia Ireland. The crops attract a premium of €40/tonne over green wheat price.

“Glanbia Ireland will endeavour to ensure that our products utilise the maximum Irish grown grain,” Mr Kealy said. “This combination of high-quality Irish produce shows the great synergies across the Glanbia Ireland business and the innovative capabilities of our R&D teams.

“We are continuing to invest in high-tech R&D capability focused on developing new product opportunities in the marketplace in both domestic and international arenas for food-grade grains,” he said

Gluten-free certification

Glanbia Ireland follows a stringent 14-step OatSecure, closed loop supply chain with the oats processed at its state-of-the-art, oats-only food-grade facility in Portlaoise. This ensures gluten-free certification.

The oats are harvested and transported by Glanbia Ireland using dedicated gluten-free machinery. All seeds are purchased through Glanbia Ireland as the crop requires extremely strict specifications to deliver food-grade gluten-free produce.