Michael Doran FarmGen

FarmGen, Glanbia Ireland’s Solar PV Power Bundle has now been installed on family farms across 13 counties in Glanbia Ireland’s catchment area

23 August 2021
Sustainable Story

FarmGen’s Solar PV rooftop systems help power energy-intensive processes on farm, reducing the costs of milk cooling, vacuum pumps and water heating – the three processes which account for around 80% of total milk parlour energy consumption.

This technology helps farmers grow their business sustainably into the future, while also improving energy efficiency on farm and further reducing bills.

Wexford farmer, Michael Doran, explains the benefits and his reasons for investing. FarmGen is just one of Glanbia Ireland’s many sustainability initiatives and feeds into ‘Living Proof’, our commitment to Farming, Food and the Future.

Michael installed a solar water heating system on the family home in south Wexford and is using solar PV on rooftops on the farm to reduce his energy consumption and lower Carbon emissions, boosting his sustainability credentials.

He is very happy with FarmGen, the Glanbia Ireland, SSE Airtricity and Activ8 Solar Energies renewable solar energy partnership.

To date, farm families across 13 counties in Glanbia Ireland’s catchment area have invested in solar. And that number continues to grow. Michael Doran can’t recommend the system highly enough.

“Everyone in society has to embrace the environmental challenges that we’re facing and switching to renewable energy on the farm is very important. I’m the fourth generation farming this farm here. My son Tomás I’m hoping will be the fifth generation to farm the farm and I want to ensure that the farm we hand over is in as good or better condition than when it was passed on to me.

“We also face many challenges from an environmental point of view, from a carbon footprint point of view and everything that we can do on the farm here we will try and embrace to actually help us to deal with those challenges. It helps me to be proud that I am doing my bit for the environment and for to protect my industry and the dairy industry going forward,” Michael said.

For more on the FarmGen Solar Power Bundle Offer contact dsutton@glanbia.ie or visit www.FarmGen.ie