Glanbia Employees and Food Cloud


30 June 2020
Community News

Dealing with food waste is regarded as one of the most significant actions to protect resources and deliver environmental efficiencies.   

Glanbia Ireland, in partnership with the social enterprise FoodCloud, is creatively tackling this issue to ensure surplus food is redistributed.  

Since 2018 Glanbia Ireland has donated the equivalent of more than 170,000 meals to more than 250 community groups across Ireland through FoodCloud.  

FoodCloud is a social enterprise that combats food waste by connecting charities food businesses that have large volumes of surplus food, such as farms, manufacturers and distributors; thereby redistributing spare supply to those in need. FoodCloud redistributes the produce through three hubs in Cork, Galway and Dublin.   

In a classic win-win situation, the partnership has delivered a positive outcome for charities across Ireland while helping Glanbia Ireland to achieve a C02 saving of more than 229 tonnes, supporting our aim to reduce our carbon footprint. 

In the first four months of 2020, donations were up significantly, reflecting the early challenges the country was facing arising from Covid-19.  

From Glanbia Ireland, a total of 4,689 cases of product were sent to FoodCloud during the early part of 2020, representing about 37,000 units of food.