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Glanbia Direct delivers real-time market pricing

10 June 2020
Ingredients News

Our new online sales platform for B2B food ingredients customers, Glanbia Direct, allows 24/7 access to our primary ingredient portfolio.

There has been a strong response to this advance in our digital retail offering to primary dairy ingredients customers.

The creation of an online facility www.glanbiadirect.com provides a convenient trading channel that is easy to use and allows 24/7 access for international customers to commodities such as skimmed milk powder and butter.

One of its advantages is that customers can submit bids anonymously, view other bids and get quick real-time market pricing.

Aoife Murphy, Commercial Director of Ingredients at Glanbia Ireland, said: “We see the potential for global commodity buying to be carried out 24/7 through digital channels. Our new Glanbia Direct channel simplifies the sales process between us and buyers in the commodity sector all over the world. Our customers are embracing new technologies and this new tool provides an additional route to market and allows us carry out business transactions swiftly and conveniently.”

This new sales avenue has been extensively planned and trialled over the past year. There has been a strong response from customers in the marketplace since it went live. All of the early trades were in line with current market prices. The first phase will see the digital sales channel rolled out to European customers, with eight products available to purchase including whole milk powder; skimmed milk powder; different types of butter and lactose.

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