Glanbia Ireland Oat Flour

Glanbia Ireland launches OatStanding™ Hydrolysed Oat Flour

09 February 2021
Ingredients News

OatStanding™ Hydrolysed Oat Flour is milled through a proprietary process and provides consistent viscosity throughout heating and cooling cycles. This new and unique ingredient offers valuable functional properties, clean labelling, and the dependable whole grain benefits and flavour we expect from more traditional oat ingredients.

OatStanding™ Hydrolysed Oat Flour is especially useful in beverages and yoghurts applications and an ideal ingredient when users are looking to create natural sweetness, add flavour, nutrition, and consistent viscosity to a wide range of end products.

OatStanding™ contains a higher protein quality compared to other commonly used plant proteins, such as rice protein and wheat bran with a Protein Digestibility Calculated Amino Acid Score (PDCAAS) of 0.81.* Suitable for a range of applications, it is naturally gluten free, nutritionally rich, heat-stable and taste-neutral.

Oat-Standing™ Hydrolysed Oat Flour

Aoife Murphy, Commercial Director Ingredients at Glanbia Ireland, said: “Glanbia Ireland has a long heritage in grains, with a network of family tillage farms building on generations of expertise to deliver high quality ingredients.

“We have made strong investments in infrastructure which has helped position Glanbia Ireland as the largest buyer and user of Irish grains. Our investment in a state-of-the-art food grade oats milling facility at Portlaoise and an expert tillage advisory team providing top-class advice to our network of farmers has given us a strong foundation stone.”

Research shows that “healthy” and “natural” are the two most important characteristics for consumers of food products. Because it is rich in fibre, betaglucan and a good source of vitamins and minerals, OatStanding™ Hydrolysed Oat Flour also helps manufacturers respond to these needs.

Tom Finlay, Head of Strategic Alliances at Glanbia Ireland, said: “Our customers look for solutions and ingredients that are natural, nutritious and functional which are both environmentally-friendly and sustainable. We understand how our ingredients perform in typical applications and support our customers to optimise ingredient functionality for their own tailored recipes. Our solutions are tailored, tried and tested to meet the needs of today’s complex plant-based formulations.”

As the largest buyer of Irish grains, Glanbia Ireland is well positioned to innovate for the future with a top-quality grains portfolio to deliver a range of plant-based products and solutions, tapping into the growing appetite for sustainable food and appealing to those following a ‘flexitarian’ diet.

*PDCAAS is calculated based on nutrition analysis from 2019