Going solar – FarmGen offers a renewable energy solution

25 June 2020
Sustainable Story

We work together with our farmers at every step along the supply chain to realise energy efficiencies for the betterment of the environment and the economic sustainability of the farm.

Working in partnership with SSE Airtricity and Activ8 Solar Energies, one of our latest innovations is FarmGen, a renewable solar energy solution that combines the collective knowledge, experience and expertise of all parties to bring a turn-key solar powered energy solution to Glanbia Ireland farmers.

This farm generated renewable energy initiative is designed to help our farmers evolve their business sustainably into the future, while improving energy efficiency on farm and reducing bills.

Jim Bergin, CEO, Glanbia Ireland, explains this initiative goes to the heart of Glanbia Ireland’s philosophy that ‘Goodness Grows Here’.

Jim Bergin, CEO, Glanbia Ireland

Through this economically attractive renewable energy solution, we are empowering our farmers to grow their enterprise and to do this in harmony with the environment, for future generations.

Powering up to 80% of milk parlour energy needs

Following rooftop installation, FarmGen’s  Solar PV system helps to power energy intensive processes on farm, reducing the costs of milk cooling, vacuum pumps and water heating. Combined, these three processes account for around 80% of total milk parlour energy consumption.

It involves the installation of state-of-the-art Solar PV panels along with a smart monitoring system on each farm through Activ8 Solar Energies. The system monitors energy generation and consumption in real-time; helping farmers understand where and when energy is consumed, which assists in adapting behaviours that will reduce energy costs and improve sustainability.

Damien Sutton, Glanbia Ireland’s FarmGen Programme Manager says there has been strong interest amongst farmers in the energy saving initiative. “Farmers have shown themselves time and time again to be strong early adopters of technology that deliveries benefits and efficiencies for their farms,” he says.

Innovative finance and turnkey installations

As part of the solar offering, farms will have the ability to export excess electricity generated, enabling them to potentially profit from returning electricity on to the grid through the upcoming support scheme for microgeneration. In advance of this measure, SSE Airtricity will provide an annual export rebate to FarmGen customers, as well as preferential energy rates on their 100% green energy.

Farmers can receive 100% financing for the FarmGen initiative through the existing Glanbia Ireland FundEquip scheme and can also leverage from all available grant opportunities that may support FarmGen’s ambitions. Activ8 Solar Energies support all grant funding applications for customers. 

FarmGen customers who switch to SSE Airtricity will be supplied by 100% green energy at exclusive preferential rates, which will further reduce their carbon footprint.

This solar power solution is open to all farming sectors and sizes, and for those who wish to install Solar PV in their homes to harness the power of green energy. Farmers who interested in finding out more can phone 1890 929 828 or visit