Glanbia Ireland checking water quality

Protecting water quality

22 June 2020
Sustainable Story

Glanbia Ireland passionately believes it's in everyone’s interest to work together to protect Ireland’s overall water quality.  

This will have many benefits across the local community and help in achieving Ireland’s obligations under the Water Framework Directive. It will reinforce our green image as food producers and underpin the future development of sustainable Irish agriculture. 

Ireland has been set a target of achieving ‘Good Status’ for all waters by the EU Water Framework Directive. 

Glanbia Ireland is taking a prominent and proactive role in the Agricultural Sustainability Support and Advice Programme (ASSAP). This collaboration between the Irish Government and those in the agricultural sector is supported by the farm organisations and was established to meet the Water Framework objective of achieving ‘Good Status’ in all waterbodies by 2027.   

The ASSAP runs from 2018 to 2021 and includes a free advisory service. There are 20 Teagasc advisors and 10 advisors from the dairy industry working in 190 catchment areas or Priority Areas for Action (PAA) throughout the country. 

Farmers are advised on:  

  • Improved nutrient management with more targeted use of slurry and fertiliser

  • Better farmyard management as well as better practices

  • New approaches to land management to reduce nutrient losses

A local authority catchment assessment team is carrying out a full ground scientific assessment of the 190 priority areas for action by walking rivers and tributaries,carrying out sampling and testing, and detecting problems. Farmers in areas highlighted are then visited by advisors and offered the free, voluntary and advisory service. 

In advance of farm visits to the priority areas, farmer meetings are hosted locally by the ASSAP. 

Across our business, we prioritise the protection of water quality and optimise efficiencies. Our Ballyragget facility became the first dairy processing operation in the world to be certified by the Carbon Trust for efficient water utilisation. Our teams maintain our water treatment facilities to the highest standards, while constantly evaluating the latest technologies and processes.