Tirlán wins at Green Awards 2024

29 February 2024
Sustainable Story

Tirlán was delighted to claim the ‘Green Large Organisation of the Year’ at the Green Awards 2024.

This award is recognition of Tirlán’s Living Proof sustainability strategy in action across its facilities and network of 5,000 family farms.

Tirlán is committed to embedding sustainability right across the organisation, which is being led by the ESG team in collaboration with all teams along the supply chain and on farm.

Tirlán’s Chief ESG Officer Lisa Koep said the achievement is a testament to Tirlán’s collective commitment to making a positive impact on the planet and its people.

“It is also validation for our customers and our consumers who choose Tirlán products from our ingredients portfolio to our Avonmore range to know they are sourcing from an organisation that is a recognised leader in the sustainability space.

“Thank you to all across our organisation who are taking steps every day as we make progress on our roadmap towards reaching Net Zero by 2050. In order to meet our commitments, we will continue to work collaboratively with our farmers, customers and partners to deliver more innovation solutions for sustainable and nutritional dairy and grain products.

“Our family farms have continued to take action which is being reflected by the continuous reduction in the Tirlán carbon footprint on farm, while a number of projects underway across our facilities are contributing to maximise energy efficiency and develop renewable energy alternatives.”

Tirlán received the ‘Green Large Organisation of the Year’ at the Green Awards 2024. Pictured (L to R) were Hugh Martin, Chief ESG Officer Lisa Koep, Joanne Dooley, Damien Sutton, Audrey O'Shea, Stephanie O'Callaghan and John Kealy. 

Some of the measures highlighted were programmes underway such as the Sustainability Action Payment on farm, FarmGen solar programme to assist in decarbonizing farm emissions, biodiversity boosting activity, work to reduce plastic packaging requirements, minimise food waste and improve energy efficiency.

The award is open to any large organisation (1000 employees plus) in Ireland who can demonstrate a bottom-up best environmental practice in all aspects of running a large business.

The Green Awards celebrate the extraordinary contribution and commitment that companies now make towards growing a greener future in Irish business today.