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Working together for the future

25 June 2020
Sustainable Story


Glanbia Ireland was one of the driving forces in creating Dairy Sustainability Ireland to help shape change for the future.

The collaborative project sees Ireland’s Department of Agriculture, our dairy processors and Bord Bia, the agency charged with promoting Irish food, charting a sustainable future together.

The initiative provides a strong forum for all of the partners to work together to address complex areas and legislation governing environmental issues. It regularly holds sessions with national and international experts on key topics to help ensure the sector is at the cutting-edge of the latest technology, science and learnings in sustainability.

This collaborative approach is designed to help both farmers and the sector as a whole meet environmental targets, improve profitability and ensure that Ireland remains a top-class grass-fed dairy producer.

The group follows the key principles that environmental protection and economic competitiveness are equal and complementary: one will not be achieved at the expense of the other. 

Dairy Sustainability Ireland was instrumental in creating the Agricultural Sustainability Support and Advisory Programme (ASSAP). This is a key group-wide effort to improve and maintain water quality in targeted areas throughout the country by reducing agricultural and non-agricultural pressures.